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Fit Lifestyle Box Launches Its New Look

March 10, 2019 3 Comments

Fit Lifestyle Box Launches Its New Look

Change can be hard, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here at Fit Lifestyle Box, we’ve found ourselves there. We have the need to evolve into something greater, something better, and the whole reason behind this need for change is you. That’s right, you have helped us reach a crux where we are forced to take a long hard look at ourselves and decide, you know what, you deserve better.

We are always encouraging our subscribers to make positive changes and we decided to take our own advice. We are making changes in our boxes and we want to let you in on all the juicy details. We are excited and we know you will be too.

The first thing that I want to emphasize is that you will be receiving a totally different looking box from now on. As much as we focused on the outside of the box, we also focused on the inside of the box because that’s what’s most important.

The reason for this change is because our subscribers are becoming more dynamic, a larger audience with more needs, and we want to fill those needs for you.

Here are some of the things that you will appreciate about our new Fit Lifestyle Box:

Apparel For Women

Ladies, we know that you want to show off your nice curves. It’s fun to wear a boyfriend tee but sometimes you want something designed with a little more femininity. That is why we are now offering boxes specifically to our ladies. No more unisex shirts.

Better Quality Apparel and More Styles

Our rebranding allows us to upgrade the quality of products that we include in our box. You will begin to receive useful fitness apparel like Dri-fit shirts, tanks, towels, gloves, socks, etc. These better products will give you the little comfort pleasures that can help get you through those difficult workouts.

Workout Modifications

Because we have subscribers of every fitness level, our new boxes will include workouts for beginners and for the more advanced. This not only allows you to start where you need to, but you can go back to these workout cards after you’ve improved in your fitness level and crush the advanced workouts. Proof of improvement is always motivating, and these workout mods can reveal to you how far you’ve come.

FLB Shop (Monthly Discounts for Subscribers)

Our subscribers are always telling us how much they love the fit and style of our apparel. We heard you. With our rebranding, we are launching our FLB Shop with tons of new gym accessories and some of our classic apparel from previous boxes. Subscribers will receive a discount code where they can save at the shop.

Better Unboxing Experience

Our philosophy is that every time you receive the Fit Lifestyle Box, you should feel like a gift of motivation and encouragement has been delivered to your door. That is why we are taking better care to wrap this gift up for you like it's your birthday. We are upgrading our box to present itself to you with a little more flair. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

Gift Options (Coming Soon)

Speaking of gifts, some of our subscribers have expressed the desire to give the gift of FLB to their loved ones. You love it so much, you want to share it, and we love that about you. For this reason, we want you to have the option to buy our box as a gift. Gift boxes will include blind shipping and a hand-written note of who loved them so much to deliver FLB to them. (If you are ever so humble as to deliver this gift without recognition, we can leave out the note.)

With our new box will also come a new logo. Just like when you make changes to better your body you take on a sleeker, sexier physique, our change takes on a better aesthetic with a new logo.


You will start to notice this new logo design on our social media, website, and of course on our box. Don’t let it scare you. It’s still us. We are going to continue to give you the same great value in your boxes as before, if not more.

TL;DR: New look, new box, same values

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