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Five of the Most Common Fitness Myths

April 11, 2017

Five of the Most Common Fitness Myths

For those of you who are interested in health and fitness, no matter what your goals may be, there is a good chance that some of the information you have read online, or been given in person, is not as accurate as you may have initially thought. Lately, ‘fake news’ seems to be the latest hot topic, but here we’re more concerned about fake fitness instead. Just because somebody tells you something, that does not mean it is necessarily true, and unfortunately that is where a lot of fitness enthusiasts seem to be going wrong. There are a number of very common fitness myths floating around out there which are simply not true. Here we’ll be debunking these myths once and for all, as we look at five of the most common fitness myths which are simply not true.

Exercise means you can eat what you want – This myth is very common among people interested in fitness, but unfortunately it is not true. No matter how hard you exercise, as the saying goes ‘you cannot out train a bad diet’. This basically means that performing cardio and working hard in the gym, or anywhere else, does not give you permission to consume copious amounts of junk food and still stay lean. Sure, exercise means you can treat yourself now and again, but it does not mean you can eat whatever you like, when you like, just because you work out regularly.

You can turn fat into muscle – This is another very common myth in the fitness world, and again it is simply not true. People often claim that they will simply turn their existing body fat into muscle when they lift weights, but to do so would be physically impossible. Fat will always be fat, and muscle will always be muscle. You can burn away the fat and replace it with muscle, but you can never turn existing fat into muscle, unless of course, you have superhuman powers.

You can tone your muscles – People often claim that lifting light weights and performing a lot of reps will tone their muscles, but that is not the case. Your muscles will always look the way they look, and although they will grow larger, they can never become any more toned. What you can do however, is burn body fat and reduce the layers of fat covering the muscles, to give you a leaner and more ripped physique, but muscles cannot become any more or less toned than they already are.

You can spot reduce fat – Numerous experts have proven time and time again, that spot reduction of body fat is simply not possible. People out there will claim that by performing a certain exercise they can reduce body fat in one specific area, but that is not true. When you lose fat, fat from different parts of your anatomy will be burnt off by the body, but you cannot choose where it comes from. Despite what people may say, doing specific exercises that target different parts of your anatomy will not allow you to spot reduce fat on said body parts.

Low fat diets are great for weight loss – We no longer live in the past, and fat should no longer be feared. Numerous studies have found that healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats, can actually assist with weight loss, as well as providing numerous other health benefits in the process. Low fat diets suppress the metabolism, they leave you drained of energy, and they can put your health at risk. Ideally your diet should consist of plenty of healthy fats, as leaving them out will actually make it harder to lose weight. Avoid junk foods, and instead embrace healthy fats such as: coconut oil, avocado, whole organic eggs, nuts, seeds, and oily fish.

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