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October 23, 2019 3 min read 2 Comments

Boxed lunches are a huge help for everyone, regardless of your involvement — or lack of — within the fitness realm. However, for those that are heavily into their fitness, healthy foods (ones that fit their macros, ideally) are absolutely vital.

So, it is no wonder there has been a rise in these nutritious boxed lunch services. That’s right, meal preparation businesses are a huge deal now! Why? Well, we are about to delve into this world headfirst…

Diet Specific

You are probably aware of the family meal prep services like Hello Fresh, for example, that deliver your dinners for the week based on you and your family’s food preferences. However, as we have already mentioned, many fitness fanatics have a specific diet plan that they are needing to follow, and a lot of generic food subscription services don’t provide this. 

Unsurprisingly, this is where the boxed lunches aimed at people who are well and truly into fitness come in — thus, how they are changing the health and wellbeing world for the better. 

Whether you are afterketo, paleo, high protein, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or ‘if it fits your macros’ diet plans, these companies have you covered. You just tell them your fitness goals and preferred diet type and they work their magic!


In this day and age, everyone is busy. We live in such a fast-paced world that it is hard to stop and think about food. Trust us, the number of people who skip lunch while at work is astounding! 

But, thanks to the boxed nature of these meals, you can eat them pretty much anywhere. On the bus, in the park, at your desk — wherever you are, your lunch will be right there with you. 

Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to think aboutcreating these meals for yourself as someone has already done that for you too — in exactly the right portions for your goals!


Some foods, regardless of whether they are great for you and will enable you to reach your fitness dreams more effectively, just do not tickle your taste buds. With meal prep services, however, you can let them know your likes and dislikes so you never have to eat anything you don’t actually like — you can’t get better than that, right?

Made by Professionals

Chances are that you probably do not have the money to hire your very own personal chef. Are we right? We think so — neither do we! That is why it is amazing to make use of meal preparation companies as it is almost like actually having a live-in chef. 

Plus, the people who make your meals won’t simply be chefs, they will also be nutritionists, dieticians and possibly personal trainers involved in the creation of your boxed lunches. Why? It is so they can provide you with food that is going to allow you to reach your goals without a doubt. 


If you are into your fitness at all already, you will know how much hassle it is and the amount of effort involved in rustling up meals that are nutritionally balanced and correctly portioned, all while utilizing the best ingredients. Luckily, with pre-prepared meals that have been made by qualified professionals, you won’t ever have to count your own calories or weight out chicken ever again! What a luxury!

Not to mention the fact that you will never need to visit the supermarket with a long, daunting list — unless you are having a cheat day of course, in which case your trip to the local shop must be filled with your favorite treats.

You know the slight feeling of dread when you are in the middle of something important and you are aware that lunch or dinner time is approaching, and you will have to stop to cook something up? Well, with these services, this won’t be a factor in your life ever again. 

Hopefully, by now it is clear to see how boxed lunches are dramatically changing the fitness world. It really is as simple as telling them your goals and waiting for your scrumptious yet nutritious food to be delivered —how can that not dominate the health and fitness market? 

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