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Top 5 Supplements for Healthy Weight Loss

April 13, 2019

Top 5 Supplements for Healthy Weight Loss

In the Fit Lifestyle Box, we include samples of many different supplements. Supplements can be a determining factor in how successful you are in reaching your weight loss goals or even weight gain goals.

We’ve come to find out that many of our subscribers are looking to reach a healthy weight for women. If you’re one of these women who’s looking to lose weight, this article is written for you. I see you constantly checking the scale and gnawing on celery until your jaws hurt and busting your butt in the gym. High five to you! You're doing great! But you might not be seeing the results as quickly as you would like and we're here to help you with that.

We know, weight loss is frustrating, but don’t give up. There is no shame in using supplements to help you lose weight. Occasionally, our FLB team will include samples of weight loss supplements in your box that will help you do just that.

When choosing a weight loss supplement, you need to consider your needs. Weight loss pills usually work by either increasing how much fat you burn (thermogenic), suppressing your appetite, or stopping the body from absorbing fat.

Here are our top 5 choices for weight loss supplements in no particular order that are effective and safe to use:

L-Carnitine - This is a supplement that can be taken to help transport fat to the energy burning furnace in your body. By using fat as fuel, L-carnitine can help you lose weight in the best way possible, through fat loss. Many times, our diets and workouts can sap our bodies of our glucose and protein leaving us with less energy and less muscle definition. We don’t want that now do we? L-carnitine is the fixer.

Guarana Powder - This powder made from the seeds of an Amazonian plant, contains twice the amount of caffeine as coffee, making it a great source of energy. It also helps to suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism.

Hordenine HCL Powder - This is a powerful weight loss aid that works in three different ways. It helps to burn fat by exposing fatty acids to oxygen. It helps to suppress appetite and increases hormones responsible for increased metabolism like adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. It also helps dopamine reach the brain, making you mentally prepared for your workouts and keeps you in a good mood.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea contains caffeine but less than coffee. It’s a good choice if you are sensitive to stimulants because it gives you a slight boost in metabolism from the caffeine, but also pairs that with the metabolism boosting power of EGCG. This substance works synergistically with caffeine to break down fat and this effect increases when you exercise.

African Mango Extract - This is a fairly new weight loss supplement that has been shown to not only help with weight loss but also reduce cholesterol in those who have high cholesterol levels. It helps with a quick initial weight loss but hasn’t been proven to continue with weight loss over an extended period of time. So, if you have a big event coming up and need to lose weight quickly, this just might be the supplement for you!

Weight loss is a difficult game. Supplements can be a secret weapon but please do your research first before trying any out. If you have any concerns or questions, consult with your doctor. We chose these weight loss supplements because they are natural and effective, but you might have underlying medical conditions we aren’t aware of, so please supplement with caution.

TL;DR- 5 safe and effective weight loss supplements are l-carnitine, guarana powder, hordenine HCL powder, green tea extract and African mango extract.

If you’re looking for a trusted retailer to buy these products from, we recommend  Bulk Supplements.

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