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Why Subscription Boxes Are Good for the Subscriber and Manufacturers

July 21, 2016 1 Comment

Why Subscription Boxes Are Good for the Subscriber and Manufacturers

Consumers have an increasing interest with subscription box services. The ability to try new products at no financial risk or receive a discount on regularly used products is attractive to consumers. The convenience makes this type of service valuable to both the consumer and manufacturer. Subscription services that focus in a specific niche, such as the health and wellness industry, offer industry-specific products to audiences with a specific goal in-mind.

Preview Products

One of the benefits of subscription boxes to consumers is the ability to try new products before buying them. Some manufacturers include discount offers on a first purchase along with a sample. Consumers are often leery of purchasing products new to a market, especially from a non-household name. Adding new items into these boxes is a great way for the consumer to test their skepticism without paying full retail prices.

Opportunities for Consumer Feedback

Manufacturers working with subscription box services benefit with valuable consumer feedback and exposure. Consumers tend to leave reviews about the items in their subscription boxes. Manufacturers can use this information to market their product, make changes and respond to consumers. It is important for manufacturers to know the immediate impression their product has on a consumer. It also needs to know how well the product performed and if it is a suitable replacement for another product.

All of this information is made available to manufacturers by simply sending bulk amounts of products at discounted rates to subscription box distributors.

Manufacturers and/or distributors may ask to use your compelling review or testimonial on its website as they come across reviews online. The opportunity to become a brand influencer may open up additional opportunities for consumers to try and review additional products before buying them.

Manufacturer Exposure

Manufacturers participating with subscription box services gain exposure on social media and to thousands of consumers receiving the boxes. Another benefit is that the audience is already specific to the subscription industry type, so the products are reaching consumers that would be interested in the product. The results of consumer-based feedback help the manufacturer gauge its succession in constructing a product that consumers want and need.

Consumer Savings

The cost of subscription boxes, like those offered here at Fit Lifestyle Box, is affordable. Manufacturers are able to offer suppliers and distributors bulk pricing discounts. We can then pass along those savings to the consumer. The value of each subscription box far exceeds the actual cost of the subscription price.

Why Our Subscription Boxes Are Different

Our subscription box service is a bit different. We offer different products every month that are categorized for personal selection, so each month’s box will be a surprise. Although the products are different, our products are always themed around specific goals, meaning that you will not receive products that will not benefit you. This is why we truly believe that Fit Lifestyle Box is the best fitness subscription box out there, because no one offers what we offer. We also encourage our subscribers to share their thoughts on the products they receive each month in a short written or video review.

The goal of any subscriber box service, including ours, is to provide subscribers with products they want – products that are worth trying. If a manufacturer is not producing items that you are interested in repeatedly, we want to know so that we can address the concern appropriately.

Closing Thoughts

Subscription box services are not a waste of money. When you subscribe to a service with a specific goal in-mind and not just something you like, such as makeup and beauty products as an example, you are more excited to receive the box each month. Receiving packages that are aimed at helping you achieve a personal improvement goal are worth more than their monthly premium because improving your health and appearance is priceless.


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Hannah Schroeder
Hannah Schroeder

November 09, 2017

Thanks for saying that the value of subscription boxes are more than the cost. I’ve been thinking of getting subscription gift boxes for my mom because she’s officially in remission from her ovarian cancer. It’s good to know that the value will be worth the cost. https://thegiftbox.com

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