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Who is Fit Lifestyle Box?

Fit Lifestyle Box is a monthly subscription business that is customized for you! We partner with the right companies, get the best items with a volume discount, pack them up according to your goal, and ship them to your doorstep. It’s as simple as that.

Why did we launch this you may ask?

Well, that’s simple. There was NO fitness monthly box service that can be directed to YOUR specific goals.

For example, let’s say your friend Julie wants to lose weight, so she signs up to “Fitness Box Company A,” and gets the box on their website because... it’s the ONLY choice she has. Her box comes in the mail, and now she has Creatine, testosterone boosters, and all this body bulking items in her box. Well, that did her no good.

Well, that makes sense. Any other reasons?

Of course! The next big reason is because we feel we can’t charge our customers MORE than what they pay for at a gym. Over the years, gym memberships have decreased in price. Most gyms are around $20 a month, but why in the world should you pay more for your subscription box than the gym membership? So we made calls day and night to partner with the right companies in order to get the bulk discounts we needed. Now that we’ve made these amazing partnerships, you all get the benefits and will be seeing products from over 150 companies.

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