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Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders Sponsorship Program

Here at Fit Lifestyle Box we are a veteran owned and veteran operated company.  Law Enforcement, first responders and the military as well as the people who have served their country and their community are very important to us and we are excited to present a program where you can give back to these men and women who have sacrificed and given so much to serve others.  


If you know a member of the military, law enforcement, or a first responder that you would like to sponsor every month with a Fit Lifestyle Box subscription, let us know and we will make it happen in your name!  


This is an amazing gesture and gift to those who are selfless in their service to others.  Better yet, for every Fit Lifestyle Box subscription that is gifted to a military member, law enforcement officer or first responder we will donate a portion of the proceeds of that membership to a military, law enforcement, or first responder charity! 


Fitness is very important to all and especially to the people who work in the military, police force and the first responders.  Not only does fitness help these brave men and women carry out their day-to-day duties, but fitness and a Fit Lifestyle provide mental and physical impacts that are vital when entrusted with such demanding work.  Some other health advantages fitness serves to these brave men and women is that it helps to overcome the effects of PTSD as well as combat stress.


Sponsoring these men and women can really help keep them well grounded in a Fit Lifestyle and keep their mind and body sharp and ready for duty.


What are you waiting for?  Help our military members and veterans as well as our police and first responders maintain a healthy and Fit Lifestyle by sponsoring someone with a Fit Lifestyle Box membership today! 


If you do not personally know a military member, law enforcement officer, or first responder but would still love to sponsor someone with the incredible gift of fitness, please let us know and we will find someone worthy of the membership for you!  

We will also provide you with the name and background of who it is that you are supporting, as well as some of their career highlights so you can see who you are helping live a Fit Lifestyle!



Select your plan below to start supporting a military member, law enforcement officer or first responder today! 

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