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Mini Foot Roller by Roller Fitness

The Mini Foot Roller eases joint and muscle stiffness by providing pinpoint pressure to release trigger points and knots. This reduces chronic pain that is muscular in origin, decreases inflammation and increases mobility.

Commonly used for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tennis and golf elbow.

Fantastic for runners, dancers, and workers on their feet all day.


The Mini Foot Roller is very firm and small for targeting specific points in the body, specifically in the hands, feet, ankle and elbow.  Originally designed for the nooks and crannies of the foot, this roller gets into the tightest spots.  Ideal for use on the floor or table while sitting in a chair at work or home.  The smooth surface glides over the skin for a comfortable massage and kneading of the skin. 


The small size is great for travel, throwing in your gym bag, purse, or leaving on your office desk.

Measures approximately 5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter

  • The size of three golf balls side by side
  • As firm as a lacrosse ball